A Hanko Specialty Shop in Nihonbashi


A Hanko Specialty Shop in Nihonbashi Bakurocho

* We speak English well enough to take your Hanko order.
* Please feel free to drop by and ask us anything regarding Hanko stamps!
* Nihonbashi Bakurocho 1-10-10, Chuo-ku.
* 30 second walk from exit No.4 of JR Nihonbashi Bakurocho Sta.
* 4 minute walk from exit A1 of Bakuro YOkoyama Sta.(subway Shinjuku line)
* 5 minute walk from exit B4 of Higashi Nihonbashi Sta.(subway Asakusa line) * Mon.-Fri. 10:00 am to 4 pm
* Closed on Sat, Sun and holidays.
* Established in 1937.
* Only Japanese Yen in cash accepted.
* Alternative Webpage in Japanese


Inside the shop

Kenkichi Yamauchi, a founder and a great hanko engraver


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