Furuya Inbo



* Tranomon 1-16-4, Minato-ku.
 Urban Tranomon Bldg 1F.
* 3minutes walk from exit 4 of
 Toranomon Sta.(Subway Ginza Line)
* 10minutes walk from K amiyacho Sta.
 (Subway Hibiya Line)
* located on the left side at the end of UD Avenue.
* Open :
 Mon.-Fri. 10 am to 7 pm.
 Sat., Sun.and holidays are closed.
* Established in 1921.
* Taking calligraphy order other than Hanko.
* Only Japanese Yen in cash accepted.
* Webpage in Japanese


Inside Furuya Inbo


The shopkeeper on writing calligraphy.

On writing calligraphy

The shopkeeter

The shopkeeper

Feel free to come in and check their works. They'd be glad to have you.

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